Stephen Cave

Executive Director
Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence

Dr. Stephen Cave is Executive Director of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI) and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. Previously, he worked for the British Foreign Office as a policy advisor and diplomat. He has written on a wide range of philosophical and scientific subjects, including for the New York Times, The Atlantic, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Financial Times and Wired, and has appeared on television and radio around the world. His book ‘Immortality’ was a New Scientist book of the year. He has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Cambridge.

Special Session: Social Impact of AI – future of AI and society, ethics
【Day 2-4】Near-term Issues and Impacts

Ethical and Governance Challenges: What Makes AI Special?

There is a widespread belief that the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) poses both ethical and governance challenges. But what are they? Opinions range from the belief that the real challenges are already with us and basically the same as those posed by other existing technologies, through to the belief that AI poses a wholly unprecedented medium to long-term threat. This talk attempts to give a short overview of the ethical and governance challenges posed by AI, showing how they relate to those posed by other technologies, and how the immediate or short-term challenges relate to those that might arise in the longer-term.