Masao Yamanaka

Senior Researcher
Technical Research Division
Engineering Big Data Group
Toyota Info Technology Center Co.,Ltd.

Masao Yamanaka has been engaged in the development of recognition algorithms in embedded systems for major electronics and precision equipment manufacturers, such as face detection, personal authentication, pose estimation, abnormal behavior detection, and main subject detection.

In his current position, Masao is developing an advanced driving support system using recent machine learning techniques, which not only input camera image data but also depth data, vehicle behavior, and the driver’s biometric data. In addition, he is also involved in the analysis of factors influencing yield decline in vehicle part manufacturing processes, using large-scale time-series data.

【Day1-5】Cutting-edge Technology: Business Application 2

Application examples of AI in the automobile industry and their future tasks

In the automobile industry, the applications of AI is advancing not only in the context of automatic driving but also in various situations such as yield factor analysis at a production site and ergonomics analysis of workers. This talk will discuss how to get along with AI in the actual factory and future tasks.