Alex J. Champandard


Alex is the co-founder of, a company building AI-assisted tools for artists and designers in creative industries. His experience spans from industry to research, in both classical AI techniques such as hierarchical planners (applied to real-time simulations) as well as deep learning including projects such as Neural Doodle and Neural Enhance. Alex enjoys bringing technology to creative audiences, including via the video games industry where he worked as a Lead AI programmer as well as social media projects like @DeepForger. He’s also the conference director for, the largest worldwide event dedicated to AI in creative industries.

【Day1-3】Cutting-edge Technology: Creative AI

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Creative Work

This talk will explore ways that AI can help us move beyond industrial age mindsets, and instead redefine “work” in a more humanist way. In particular for the creative field, you’ll learn how AI-powered tools can help professional designers become even more effective while still fulfilling their core human drives.